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Our walk-in tubs are a great way for folks with disabilities, pains, arthritis, stress and many other conditions to enjoy a better quality of life. Regain independence and a stronger sense of dignity when you can bathe alone, every day with a walk-in bathtub. Our Euro style and Victorian style walk in tubs are ideal for folks who have trouble getting in and out of traditional bathtubs that require one to crawl in and out of. As a matter of fact, our tubs are suited for anybody who appreciates the finer things in life. Did you know that many professional athlete locker rooms have walk in bath tubs for their athletes? You’re in good company when you select a walk in bath tub by Lifestyle Safety Tub.

Lifestyle’s Euro style baths are designed to replace traditional standard sized tubs and are designed to fit into the existing location. If you’re interested in a bathtub that has all the add-ons of aromatherapy, chromotherapy, massage therapy and many more add-ons, then you can have it your way when you order from Lifestyle Safety Tub.

Spend some time looking around our website to select the perfect tub to match your needs, or why not just pick up the phone and give us a call now so you can get all your questions answered and in to the right tub: 877-513-6273

A Walk-in Tub from Lifestyle Safety Tub

Our walk in bath tubs are built right here in the USA with you in mind. How do we have you in mind? Simple. Every bathtub order we receive is manufactured upon receipt of the order, so there’s no warehouse full of generic tubs from China collecting dust. When you make an order of a tub, we’ll get your dimensions and custom fit your tub to your bathroom. This is an incredible benefit, because no two bathrooms are exactly alike. Some need a narrower tub, others need a wider tub. We are able to accommodate just about any bathroom situation. Don’t have a bathtub slot? That’s fine, we’ll make you a Victorian style claw-foot walk in tub. Our Victorian is the finest in design aesthetics, and grasps the intent of old style cast iron tubs that were popular many years ago.

Why walk in bath tubs are good for safety

Safety is a top concern for most folks who purchase a walk in bath tub. Consider the fact that nearly 300,000 people make trips to the emergency room each year due to bathroom related incidents. Nearly one-third of those are directly related to the bath tub, and a large majority of those happen to folks who are senior citizens.

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