Euro Selection Elite Walk-In Safety Bath Tub

Euro Elite Walk in Tub
  • Hydrotherapy
  • In-line heater
  • 6 hydro fully rotational jets
  • 16 air massage jets
  • Heated blower
  • Led color changing light

The Elite model is our highest end product, just with different features.

Hydrotherapy offers a water air jet mixture. This focuses on the lower back, as well as the lower legs.

Our in-line heater keeps the water warmer longer. A must have for you long bathers.

The air massage jet help promote circulation in the legs.

Our exclusive color changing LED creates a wonderful bathing experience as it soothes the eyes.

The heated blower allows warm air to circulate through the tub instead of just normal compressed air which cools the water down.

All our tubs are equipped with the latest jet technology. The jets are made to be angled on the back side so that there is no chance for sitting water. Stagnate water creates mold or bacteria. Also as a secondary precaution there is a 20 min. Purge cycle. Twenty minutes after the bath is shut off the air motor will come back on and blow out all the excess water that is left in the lines.

For leg circulation improvements please see our Elan model.


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