Chromo Therapy

chromotherapy light therapyChromotherapy is a newer therapy that the top spas are offering. Chromotherapy uses both color and light to treat many disorders. Color and light therapy dates back to the ancient Egyptians who built light temples over 4,000 years ago for medicinal purposes. Certain colors are known to enhance your mood, energize the heart, some colors promote a calming effect and lower blood pressure, others strengthen the nervous system and mind. Any of our safety walk in tubs that have hydrotherapy can have chromotherapy added to them for that spa like rejuvenation right at home.

Many folks who suffer from stress related ailments such as high blood pressure and heart irregularities also find this type of therapy very soothing. There are so many benefits to chromotherapy, and the cost to have it installed in your tub is so low that it’s practically a no-brainer.

Ask for this add-on when you order your tub from Lifestyle Safety Tub.